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The Story behind the albums:

In March 2013, Syl asked Ric if he could write a song in 10 days, in order to enter a singer-songwriters contest in Nashville, TN. Of course, he accepted the challenge. His creativity triggered, he composed 6 themes in a week! Syl has written 3 brilliant poems, which were used in priority by Ric to turn them into beautiful songs.
The following songs just flowed out of his guitar. Syl and Ric worked together to smooth off the rough edges of the 30 songs of their 2 first albums.
In 2015, the duo kept on writing and recording songs for their 3rd album in English "Fire and Water", which was released in 2016. In June 2015, they travelled to Quebec, Canada and they creativity was triggered again and they "converted" 13 songs into French language.
Syl & Ric have been touring in Nashville,TN during summer 2015 and their music has been warmly welcomed there. So far, the duo has recorded 4 very pleasant albums, with a rooty acoustic sound.

CAUTION! Syl and Ric' songs provoke earworm: once you have heard them, the melodies will get stuck in your head! :)

If you would like to book a show or know more about us, please contact us by email or phone:
FRANCE: (+33) 768 36 55 84
SPAIN: +33 (0)7 68 36 55 84

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