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In 2015, we kept on writing and recording the 18 songs of our 3rd album in English: "Fire and Water". In June 2015, we travelled to Quebec, Canada and our creativity was triggered again as we "converted" 13 songs into French language: "Un Peu d'Amour". During summer 2015, we have been touring in Nashville,TN and our music has been warmly welcomed there.
So far (Nov. 2015), we have produced 4 albums, and written 44 songs in English, 14 in French and 1 in Spanish. The 2 last albums are to be released on the web in 2016.

About us:
We are a couple of French singer-songwriters and visual artists, based in the south of Spain.

Our music genre is Folk Rock Latin fusion with a French romance touch, and a mix of styles and dynamics from ballads to up-tempo songs! Playing a fusion of modern & classic music, we mix unconventional lead vocals with acoustic guitars, harmonica & recorder flutes.

We have been together for 26 years as a couple, and 4 years as a band!

Syl was raised hearing Opera (her father was an Opera singer) and Rock & Roll (her brother was a Rolling Stone's fan). As far as she can remember, she always wanted to be a singer. Although, she waited many years to make her dream come true. Meanwhile she did not waste her time: she has been a painter, an art photographer, a digital artist, and a creative web-designer.

Ric is a music lover too. He had played guitar and bass since he was a kid, performing in bands and solo acts across Europe. He had stopped playing music for many years, while he dedicated himself to painting and writing.

In 2011, Syl decided to learn how to play guitar and sing. Ric immediately supported her initiative and helped her with her first steps into music.

In 2012, "Syl & Ric's Folk Rock band" was formed. Andy Mackechnie, a very gifted drummer, joined the band which started to perform an appealing repertoire covering popular international famous songs across the 60's to the 80's including Pop, Folk, Rock n' Roll, Blues, Soul, and traditional Jazz standards.

In 2013, we started to write our own songs (mostly in English), working together on the themes, lyrics and the musical arrangements. Along with meaningful lyrics, our songs have catchy melodies and strong instrumental arrangements in our own unique 'acoustic' style. They give the feeling of confidence, freshness, romance, and the upbeat spirit to enjoy the moment.

Buy CDs In June 2014, we have finalized the recording of two original albums called "The Morning Light" and "Smoke and Mirrors", using only real instruments (acoustic guitars, bass guitar, drums and percussions).
Our 2 first albums "The Morning Light" and "Smoke and Mirrors" are already available for sell on this website, and on Cd Baby, (as well as Amazon mp3, Spotify, etc) and on the best retailers stores.

In May 2015, Syl & Ric won the Akademia Music Award for Best Song in the Folk/Rock category with the song DON'T FORGET TO SMILE
(cd "Smoke and Mirrors"):
'Syl & Ric serve up a seventies-era sunflower of a song, imbued with all the flowery charm of that long-vanished island of unsardonic art.'

We are currently trying to place their radio friendly songs to music publishers, and also seeking a recording deal. Our music stands out and is extremely likeable. Do not hesitate in contacting us.

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About the band:

- Syl Chad plays the rhythm guitar and is the lead singer of the band. She has a colorful timbre of voice: with clear and ringing in its upper reaches, with gravelly and profound low notes. Her unique way of singing is inspired by the greatest French singers, such as Edith Piaf, Nana Mouskouri and Michel Jonasz. Among her favorite female singer, Ella Fitzgerald occupies the first place.

- Ric Meric plays the lead guitar. His refreshing guitar solos are a blend of Carlos Santana and Django Reinhardt styles, with a pinch of Indian sitar. When he was a teen, he started his musical career playing the bass in a Rock & Roll band. When we recorded our two first albums, he played the bass too, for the occasion.

- Andy Mackechnie, from Scotland, has picked up a multitude of influences from all round the world and has poured them all into his Drum playing. He has played in all sort of bands from Punk to Prokofiev. For the recording of our two first albums, Andy has just used a snare drum and a cymbal, as well as bongos for our Latin-flavored music.

Syl Chad:

Syl and Ric Live Music

Ric Meric:

Syl and Ric Live Music

Andy Mackechnie:

Andy, the drummer of Syl and Ric

The band:
- Syl Chad: lead singer, rhythm guitar, soprano (descant) & alto (treble) recorder
- Ric Meric: lead guitar, vocals, harmonica, bass
- Andy Mackechnie: drums & percussions

CAUTION: Syl and Ric's songs provoke earworm! Once you have heard them, the melodies will get stuck in your head!

Syl and Ric are based on the Costa del Sol (Spain) and will be performing in this area until end of June 2014. In July 2014, we will be performing around Europe. To keep posted, please join the mailing list or visit and like their facebook page .

English, French and Spanish repertoire.
If you'd like to book a show or know more about us, please contact them by email phone: (+34) 669 113 486
For more info about Syl & Ric, please visit their online Art Gallery: http://www.sylandric.com


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