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The Akademia Music Award - agency based in Los Angeles, CA
About S&R's original song "Don't Forget to Smile":
'Syl & Ric serve up a seventies-era sunflower of a song, imbued with all the flowery charm of that long-vanished island of unsardonic art.'

Marc Roberge Musician
About S&R's original song "Spy Game":
An enthralling and mesmerizing song. It drew me in and wouldn't let go!
Simply amazing. Beautiful delivery. The double-tracked vocals- phenomenal!

GGP El Intercambio Event organizer and more....
About S&R's live performance on the 4th of Oct. 2014:
"First up by personal request were Syl and Ric's Folk Rock band. A band I had got to know about way before they entered. Starting off with their two solid original tracks (Shout it Loud and Brand New Day), powered by Syl Chad's dominant stage presence. This band who have been looking for a replacement drummer and bass player (when their regular members said they would be unavailable), up to just a week before the event did not show any signs of the fledgling barely rehearsed band that they were providing a great set which set the standard for the night. But for me it was their version of Unchain My Heart which really got me going, partly I think because they had warmed up sufficiently for the full band to trust their Folk Rock vibe to the forefront with this Ray Charles classic, the bar had now well and truly been set."

Laura André
We all wanted to thank you for putting on such a lively and entertaining concert for us last weekend! Your original works were so creative, you are both very talented and diverse artists.What a rewarding job you have, you bring in your music to make people happy. We really look forward to seeing you play again. You amaze me!

Steve Cline - Professional entertainer and singer
I had the pleasure recently of being in the company of Syl and Ric. I must say having known them both for many years as incredibly talented Artists and Humanitarians, I was thilled to hear that they have taken the journey of creating beautiful music!! Recently myself and family were in Spain where I was an Artist in the Gibraltar International Song Festival.
It was then that I was entertained by there grasp of the soul within the music Syl & Ric performed. I closed my eyes and was transported to another time somewhere romantic and full of beauty.
I can honestly say in almost 40 years being in the music business that Syl and Ric are on there way to being a World Class act....2014 the birth of two legends in Music. Syl and Ric I salute you!!
Steve Cline - Amsterdam

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